Dear family and friends; please sign the guestbook and leave any messages you so desire. Poems and writings by Charles have been included in various categories. Photos and videos of our family and friends are also included. Please send us any photos or videos you would like posted on our Baker / Bowen / Marlowe site. This is for all of us and our families. Maybe, just maybe, it will bring some of us closer together and we can help stamp out any potential regrets we may have later in life about ourselves and our families and friends. Any suggestions for future additions would be greatly appreciated. Love ya, Charles and Miriam

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Written by Martha White on Mar. 24, 2014
So glad you getting better. Wonderful that you are able to ride the bicycle.

Written by Miriam on Jan. 14, 2014
Awesome. Love the pics and memoriries. Keep them coming. Never can get enough of them. The writings are all so inspirationzl too. Thanks to good inspiration and beautiful memories. Nothing like good technology and clever thoughts. Don't stop them coming.Let the author and creator of these pages know how you feel. It will only bring about better and greater things. KEEP IT UP!!!

Written by MARTHA wHITE on Dec. 27, 2013

Written by Margo on Dec. 13, 2013
Love your site!